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Electro-Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Automation and Construction


Through best-in-class proprietary technologies, and a unique combination of Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Designers & Engineers, we deliver some of the most advanced industrial automation and structural engineering solutions.


Focused on industrial environments, we deliver custom and reliable automation, power generation, new energy, shipping & marine, material handling systems and processing plants in both new construction and retrofit environments:

  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Electro/Mechanical
  • Industrial IT


We offer cost effective and efficient project management; procuring, manufacturing and fabricating top quality materials, products and systems for utilization across our many industrial automation projects across multiple industries, geographies and disciplines.


Creō-Tech is your one-stop-shop for industrial construction, retrofitting and automating existing plants through to fabrication and supplying modular and/or prefabricated electrical and mechanical buildings, special application facilities, control room and operator buildings.


Innovative Industrial Automation & EPC Services

Creō-Tech is an innovative, technology driven industrial group concerned with automation, design and engineering (EPC). We are a group of independent market leaders in the industrial automation space, in which Creō-Tech is stronger as a group than as individual companies. The first acquisitions are taking Creō-Tech on a journey to develop into a full service EPC targeting mid-market sized projects.

Our Companies

Creō-Tech acquires first in class, profitable companies, creating a mutually beneficial partnership for all involved. The collective brainpower backing us allows us to adjust, and thrive, to any market condition.

Our Approach

Creō-Tech is focused on and dedicated to innovative delivery of industry best Industrial Solutions & Automation.

It’s our MISSION to continuously exceed our valued customers’ unique expectations and requirements in a globally competitive world through our extensive partnerships with our clients, leading manufacturers and suppliers, and world-class employees.

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