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Electro-Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Automation and Construction

Design & Engineer

Through best in class proprietary technologies and a unique combination of Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Designers & Engineers, we deliver some of the most advanced industrial automation and structural engineering solutions.


The Creō-Tech team works with our clients to create the most cost-effective and efficient procurement strategy for their needs. We procure the best in class materials, trade contracts and consultants, maintaining an open and transparent communication line with our clients during the development of their project.

    Project Manage

    From start to finish, Creō-Tech supports our clients in the delivery of complete integrated systems that are suited to their unique needs. Our team will help you choose the appropriate solution, design and engineer it, build it with utmost attention to detail and diligent safety standards, install the system safely and guide your team in its implememtation.


    Creō-Tech is your one-stop-shop for industrial construction, retrofitting and automating existing plants through to fabrication and supplying modular and/or prefabricated electrical and mechanical buildings, special application facilities, control rooms and operator buildings.


    From initial construction and commissioning to facility modification, retrofits, and preventative maintenance, our team has been instrumental in providing consistent results to minimize downtime and maximize production. From instrument calibration to equipment installation to complete documentation, we’re with you every step of the way.

    Innovative Industrial Automation & EPC Services

    Creō-Tech is an innovative, technology driven industrial group concerned with automation, design and engineering (EPC). We are a group of independent market leaders in the industrial automation space, in which Creō-Tech is stronger as a group than as individual companies. The first acquisitions are taking us on a journey to develop into a full service EPC targeting mid-market sized projects.

    Our Approach

    Creō-Tech is focused on and dedicated to innovative delivery of industry best Industrial Solutions & Automation.

    It’s our MISSION to continuously exceed our valued customers’ unique expectations and requirements in a globally competitive world through our extensive partnerships with our clients, leading manufacturers and suppliers, and world-class employees.

    Our Companies

    Creō-Tech acquires first in class, profitable companies, creating a mutually beneficial partnership for all involved. The collective brainpower backing us allows us to adjust, and thrive, to any market condition.

    The Creō-Tech Industrial Group family of companies consists of:

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    The Creō-Tech Industrial Group family of companies consists of: