We are a multi-industry, multi-engineering discipline, procurement & construction solutions provider with a global reach

Our Companies

Creō-Tech acquires first in class, profitable companies, creating a mutually beneficial partnership for all involved. The collective brainpower backing us allows us to adjust, and thrive, to any market condition.

The Creō-Tech Industrial Group family of companies consists of:


Creō-Tech Industrial Group is a cutting-edge, full scope Engineering, Design and Procurement family of companies focused and dedicated on innovative delivery of industry best Industrial Solutions & Automation. It’s our mission to continuously exceed our valued customers’ unique expectations and requirements in a globally competitive environment through our extensive partnerships with our clients, leading manufacturers and suppliers, and world-class employees.


Creō-Tech Industrial Group strives to be the Solutions Provider of choice in the industries we serve.

This goal requires continuous focus on innovation and technology, as well as a consistent dedication to improvement, in order to provide the iconic projects, services and products we deliver every day.

We contribute to our clients’ leadership and dominance in their respective marketplaces. We pride ourselves on helping our clients grow by taking great care in knowing their needs through:

  • world-class design and engineering
  • our highly trained, safe and mobile workforce of engineers, project leaders, manufacturing and fabricating staff
  • designing, engineering and constructing their workplaces and facilities

The Creō-Tech Advantage

Creō-Tech adds to the acquired businesses a vast application framework, a wide net of resources to enable the design & engineering firms a network of expertise and pooled resources that on their own they had to outsource.

The Creō-Tech Leadership has exceptionally wide industry contacts for group wide business development and pooled resources in financing, administration, human resources, legal and commercial services etc.

The fabricators and construction companies benefit from a steady pipeline of work direct from the engineers & designers.

Creō-Tech is a FULL solution from concept to delivery for group clients across a multiple of industries and verticals.


Company Values


We pride ourselves on our SAFETY-FIRST mindset and work ethic.


We are innovators par-excellence of revolutionary and disruptive technologies, systems and processes.


We respect our environment, and are constantly focused on how our solutions, services and products can make a positive impact on meeting the demand of our environment.

We support the causes our employees believe in and play our socially responsible part in the communities in which we live, work and play.

We encourage and hold ourselves accountable to always perform to the best of our abilities, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, our communities and our company.

We continually recognize the many individual achievements of our employees and partners.

We respect the beliefs and opinions of ALL people, regardless of age, sex, religion, ethnicity, etc. Equality, professionalism and collaboration is in our DNA.

3 Ts

We manage our business with integrity and never compromise on our values, and pride ourselves that we govern with our 3 T’s:


We believe in and work with uncompromising honesty and integrity with ALL employees, customers and suppliers.


We ensure the needs of our employees and their families are always met without losing sight of the requirements of the business.

Work/Life balance is extremely important, and we realize that happy people are more productive. We at Creō-Tech encourage our workforce to get adequate sleep, manage stress, make time for their loved ones.

We also are active in our communites, giving back wherever possible and participating in initiatives that align with our values.

Creō-Tech Philosophy

“At Creō-Tech we are customer focused first, backed by undisputed product leadership, and our foundation of operational excellence.”      

– Dirk Maritz (Chairman & CEO)

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